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Tobacco Intervention Initiative (TII)

Tobacco Intervention Initiative (T.I.I.) is a program launched by I.D.A. taking into consideration the hazards of tobacco and a step towards its eradication.MG.M. dental college is the first college to have the T.I.I. center in its campus.

We carry out procedures such as detection of the tobacco habit in the patient followed by education, motivation and with patients consent a counselling to stop the habit. regular follow-ups have been taken into consideration with the records. this has helped us a lot to help ppl especially those who know the hazards of tobacco but unable to quit it. Dr. Abhijit Jadhav is a certified T.I.I. counsellor.

Oral cancer detection is one more activity which is carried out by dept. of oral pathology with the help of dept of oral and maxillofacial surgery, in this center main focus is given on early detection of cancer and cancer related changes seen in oral cavity, proper histological and microbiological investigations followed by its treatment at respective stage.

T.I.I. and oral cancer detection center works together for the betterment of the patients who are addicted to tobacco and related products.




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