Community Health Program

Oral disease affects every community. It is the responsibility of local public health agencies (LPHAs) which includes dental institutions to assess the oral health needs of the communities and to develop policies and programs to help ensure that those needs are met. The oral Health Program leads the Department of public Health's efforts to improve and maintain the oral health of Navimumbai citizens by promoting and developing quality, cost-effective community and school-based preventive, educational and treatment programs which emphasize elimination of oral health disparities.

List of programs:

  1. Peripheral centers to improve oral health status of rural population
  2. School dental health programs
  3. Ongoing program on improving the oral health status of police, Fire, post personnel and their familes.
  4. Improving oral health of Navi Mumbai municipal cooperation.

List of Peripheral Centers:

  1. MGM Hospital, Kalamboli
  2. Balwant Vasudev Memorial Hospital, Shirdhon
  3. MGM School, Nerul
  4. Rural Hospital, Panvel