Student Council

MGM student council is formed according to the regulations laid by MUHS. It is a blend of the best in academics and extra-curricular activities. IT SERVES AS A BRIDGE BETWEEN STUDENTS AND TEACHERS. Student council of mgm organises various programs through out the academic calender for the welfare of students. Ranging from scientific sessions to cultural extravaganza, Magnum the cultural week.

Student council also publishes our annual college magazine AMALGAM a display of literary talents of MGMites.

Student council members:

Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Dr. Vanitha U Shenoy Head
2 Dr. Vaibhav Thakkar Festival Convenor Male
3 Dr. Janaki Iyer Festival Convenor Female
4 Dr. Bharat Gupta Cultural incharge
5 Dr. Suyog Pradhan External events head Male
6 Dr. Shraddha Tamore External events head Female
7 Dr. Rafeeq Nalband Internal events head Male
8 Dr. Sarika Shetty Internal events head Female
9 Dr. Rohit Gadda Scientific committee Head Male
10 Dr. Divya Naik Scientific committee Head Female
11 Dr. Suraj Ahuja Scientific committee Co-Head
12 Dr. Amit Gaikwad Scientific committee Co-Head
13 Dr. Laresh Mistry Sports committee Head
14 Dr. Sujeet Khiste Sports committee Co-Head
15 Dr. Agraja Patil Hospitality Head
16 Dr. Aarti Madhaswar Hospitality Co-head
17 Dr. Ankita Deshmukh Decoration committee Head
18 Dr. Ashwini Korlahalli Decoration committee Co-Head
19 Dr. Sankalp Bhandarkar PRO & Sponsorship Head
20 Dr.Divij Joshi PRO & Sponsorship Co-Head
21 Dr. Aditya Shinde PRO & Sponsorship Co-Head
22 Dr. Shilpa Patel Treasurer
23 Dr. Jigna Pathak Finance Director
24 Dr. Kamlesh Dekate Finance Directors
25 Dr. Naisargi Shah Editors (Magazine committee) Head
26 Dr. Janani Iyer Editors (Magazine committee) Co-Head
27 Dr. Shatakshi Srivastava Editors (Magazine committee) Co-Head
28 Dr. Amol Mhatre Pixel Committee Head
29 Shaili Mehta General Secretary
30 Adnan Chattriwala Cultural Secretary Male
31 Pratibha Shastri Cultural Secretary Female
32 Akhil Nair Sports Secretary (Outdoor games) Male
33 Simran Choudhari Sports Secretary (Outdoor games) Female
34 Nimish Situt Sports Secretary (Indoor games) Male
35 Mugdha Francis Sports Secretary (Indoor games) Female
36 Mayank Date Scientific Secretary Male
37 Chinmay Kulkarni Scientific Secretary Female
38 Rishab Jain Treasurer Male
39 Rashi Jain Treasurer Female
40 Akshaya Warade Co-Treasurer Male
41 Anjali Zaveri Co-Treasurer Female
42 Projesh Mukherjee Intern Representative Male
43 Manali Kadam Intern Representative Female
44 Lavanya Katkam Decoration Committee head
45 Aabash Agarwal Pixel group Head Male
46 Shweta Deolekar Pixel group Head Female
47 Nimish Situt Pixel group Co-Head Male
48 Aishwarya Jadhav Pixel group Co-Head Male
49 Sanskruti Madan Hospitality Committee
50 Aishwarya Naik Hospitality Committee
51 Anjali Zaveri BLS
52 Sumaiya Shaikh BLS
53 Tabitha Dias Magazine
54 Binny Dongra Magazine
55 Mariya Chowdhary Year book
56 Prerana Jain Year book
57 Miheer Patankar Public Relations Officer (Website incharge)
58 Sharvari Sawant Public Relations Officer (Website co-incharge)
59 Vedashree Shingare Public Relations Officer (Website co-incharge)
60 Gulnaz Tamboli Facebook incharge
61 Nikhil Khandagale Facebook co-incharge
62 Shaili Shah Snapchat incharge
63 Neha Khandare Instagram incharge
64 Prajakta Mandlik Instagram co-incharge
65 Prachi Patil Instagram co-incharge
66 Hinal Patil Twitter incharge
67 Madhavi Shinde Twitter co-incharge
68 Isha Gore NSS Event coordinator
69 Shreya Chavan NSS Event co-coordinator
70 Ruchi Doshi NSS Event co-coordinator