Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics

  • The Conservative dentistry department inclusive of clinical and preclinical sections is lavishly spread across 14000 sq. ft. area
  • Treated numerous patients with complex root canal treatment rendering them pain free.
  • Fully functional endodontic surgery unit with state of art Carl Ziess Microscope to carry out microendodontic and restorative procedures.
  • Well equipped with advancedarmamentarium and gadgets like Endosonic handpieces with micro endodontic tips, dual frequency apex locators, magnifying loupes, RVG sensors, PSP radiograph, bleaching unit and several instrument retrieval systems.
  • Well equipped ceramic and casting laboratory with a ShofuCeramageindirect composite unit.
  • Preclinical department equipped with phantom head units fitted with aerotor and micromotor contra angled handpieces compatible to be used with the ivorine and extracted teeth.
  • Conducted variouslectures, seminars and hands-on workshops by eminent national and international speakers imparting knowledge on enhancing endodontic and restorative operative skills for students and faculty alike.
  • MUHS recognized undergraduate and post graduate programmes; A full time Fellowship program in Endodontics and PhD courses.
  • Magnification enhanced vital pulp therapy procedures using calcium silicate based materials such as mineral trioxide aggregate and Biodentine.
  • With a fully functional endodontic surgery unit, the department has treated numerous cases of complex root canal procedures such as curved canals and perforation repairs under dental operating microscope.
  • Management of retrieval of separated instruments from the root canal using state of art microscope, modern instrument retrieval systems.
  • Dedicated bleaching unit for best possible esthetic outcomes.
  • Optimizing root canal treatment using latest innovations in materials instruments and equipments in endodontics.
  • Students are trained to use recently introduced file systems; different obturation techniques such as injectable thermoplasticised systems including Calamus(Dentsply) ,ObturaSpartan(Young Specialities) and core carrier gutta percha dentin.
  • Minimally invasive endodontics and restorative dentistry using micro ultrasonic instrumentation complementing the manualarmamentarium burs and rotary instrumentation.
  • Surgical endodontic treatments for corrective surgeries such as perforation repairs and root resection, apical curettage with root end resection and retrograde preparation with filling.
Sr. No. Photo Name of the Teacher Designation Email Id
Dr. Sumanthini M. V.
Dr. Sumanthini M. V. Professor & HOD
Dr. Anuradha Patil
Dr. Anuradha Patil. Reader Anuradha
Dr. Divya Naik
Dr. Divya Naik Reader Divya
Dr. Jayeeta Verma
Dr. Jayeeta Verma Reader Jayeeta
Dr. Shouvik Mandal
Dr. Shouvik Mandal Lecturer
Dr. Antara Ghosh
Dr. Antara Ghosh Lecturer Antara
Dr. Aditya Shinde
Dr. Aditya Shinde Lecturer Aditya
Dr. Jimish Shah
Dr. Jimish Shah Lecturer
Dr. Tanvi Satpute
Dr. Tanvi Satpute Lecturer
Dr. Amrut Bambawale
Dr. Amrut Bambawale Lecturer Amrut
Dr. Manisha Bhosle
Dr. Manisha Bhosle Tutor
Dr. Shreshtha Mukherjee
Dr. Shreshtha Mukherjee Tutor

Separated instrument retrieval' I Dr. Paras Kothari I MGM Dept. Conservative & Endodontics

Value Added Program On Basic Endodontics For Beginner –Lecture + Hands On

3m Workshop

Separated Endodontic Instrument Retrieval

19th April 2023

Hands – on Workshop on Direct Anterior Esthetic Restorations for Incisal Angle Build-up

22nd December 2022

Aesthetic Dentistry by Dr Pankaj Maheshwari

5th July 2022

Aesthetic Dentistry- A complete beginner to advanced guide to recreate smiles for Interns batch by Dr Sagar Abhichandani

5th March 2022

Consendo day Celebration

9th & 10th Feb 2022

Lecture and Hands-on Workshop on Rotary Endodontics by Dr. Pradeep Shetty

29st Jan 2021

Digital Impression In Applied Clinical Dentistry by Dr Tej Joshi

01st Nov 2021

Magnification in endodontics by Dr Amit Saste

05th March 2021

Consendo Day Celebration

25th Jan 2021

Importance of RVG and CBCT, followed by demonstration by Dr. Hemant Bhutani

13th Jan 2020

Direct Restorative With Beautifil Composites, With An Overview To Modern Dental Materials by Dr Adil Abdulla

24th Sept 2019

Importance of CAD – CAM in dentistry and use of digital scanner by Dr Mahesh Jagwani

25th Oct 2018

Science and technique of clinical success in esthetic restoration with bonding

15th Sept 2018

Endodontics for Beginner by Dr Anish Naware

23rd Feb 2017

Endodontics Revisited by Dr.Ajit Shaligram

05th March 2017

Consendo day Celebration

05th March 2017

Camp conducted to celebrate Consendo Day

05th March 2017

Prize Distribution on the eve of Consendo day

21st July 2017

Mastering Composites Artistry by Dr.Mohan Bhuvaneswaran

05th Feb 2016

Aesthetic management of Anterior teeth”by Dr Sandesh Mayekar

01st July 2015

Simplifying endo with single NiTi files system preparation and single cone obturation with the new MTA sealer, lecture by Dr. Chris Chen

07th Aug 2015

Aesthetic dentistry and update by Dr.Pankaj Maheshwari

13th Nov 2013

Self Adjusting File – recent introduction to endodontic practice by Dr. Zvi Metzger

15th March 2012

Regeneration and Innovations in Endodontics by Dr Avina Paranjpe

15th September 2010

Success in endodontics by Dr Nandna Patil

Sr. No. Title Of Project Name of Researcher Status
Evaluation of the frequency of occurrence of middle mesial canals in lower mandibular molars in the Indian population – a prospective clinical study Dr.Sumanthini MV Completed
The efficacy of pre-operative administration of Gabapentin and Pregablin in control of post endodontic pain following single visit endodontics – a double blind, randomised clinical trial. Dr. Jayeeta Verma Completed
Comparative Evaluation of the Anti-Microbial activity of 2% Chlorhexidine, 5% Sodium Hypochlorite, HydroxyethaneDiphosphoric acid and combination against E.faecalis-An in- vitro study. HydroxyethaneDiphosphoric acid Dr.Aditya Shinde Completed
Comparative Evaluation of the Anti-Microbial activity of 2% Chlorhexidine, 5% Sodium Hypochlorite and Turmeric extract against E.faecalis-An in- vitro study Dr.Jimish Shah Completed
Comparative evaluation of anti-microbial efficacy of Bioceramic, Calcium hydroxide and resin sealers against E. faecalis- an in- vitro study. Dr.Antara Ghosh Completed
Comparative evaluation of the efficacy of two different continuous wave compaction gutta-percha obturation techniques in filling oval shaped root canals: An in vitro study. Dr.Sumanthini MV Completed
Comparative Evaluation of the effect of proanthocyanidin treatment of pulp chamber dentin after sodium hydro chlorite & ethylene di amine tetra acetic acid irrigent on the micro leakage of adhesive restoration Dr. Yashaswi Chaudhari Completed
Comparative evaluation of the oscillation characteristics of different endodontic instruments when activated indirectly with ultrasonic energy at two different power settings : A vitroscanning laser Doppler vibrometer study Dr.Saloni Bhandari Completed
Comparative evaluation of the degree of conversion of three different flowable bulk fill resin composites with a dual cure resin composite at different depths for application as root reinforcement material : An In vitro FTIR analysis study Dr.Saloni Bhandari Completed
Comparative Evaluation Of The Two Body Abrasive Wear Of Bulk Fill And Conventional Composite Resins : An In Vitro Study Dr.Yashaswi Chaudari Completed
Comparative Evaluation of the Efficacy of Resin modified Glass Ionomer Cement and light curable tricalcium silicate cement as indirect pulp capping materials in deep carious lesions-A Double Blinded Randomized study Dr.Shreyal Deshmukh Completed
Comparative Evaluation of the effect of 2% chlorhexidine digluconate application on the shear bond strength of resin composite to calcium silicate based pulp capping material-An in-vitro study. Dr.Gaurav Chaudhari Completed
Comparative evaluation of the effect of different concentration of sodium hypochlorite irrigant on the microhardness of a bulk fi;; restorative composite resin; an in vitro study Dr.Priyanka Sangale Completed
Comparative evaluation of efficacy of rotary retreatment supplemented with or without passive ultrasonic activation of solvent in removal of gutta percha and root canal sealer Dr. Akash More Completed
Comparative evaluation of the tensile strength and surface roughness of gutta percha when disinfected using 5% sodium hypochlorite, absolute alcohol, aqueous and alcoholic extracts of azadirachta indica: an in vitro study. Dr. Cindrella Dsouza Completed
Evaluation of the correlation between dental caries and periodontitis - A clinico- immunological analysis. Dr Janani Balachandran Completed
Comparative Evaluation of the discoloration of microhybrid and nanohybrid composite resins by different beverages: A spectrophotometric analysis. Dr. Rohini Completed
A Comparitive evaluation of the effect of a saliva substitute on the microhardness of three different Direct Tooth Coloured Restorative Dr. Pranjal Completed
Comparative evaluation of Resin Modified Glass Ionomer Cement, Mineral Trioxide Aggregate and Calcium Hydroxide when used as a Direct Pulp Capping Material on carious pulp exposures of human permanent teeth: A Randomized Clinical Trial. Dr. Aanchal M Completed
A Comparative Evaluation of the Fracture Resistance of Endodontically Treated Teeth with Simulated Invasive Cervical Resorption Cavities Restored with Different Adhesive Restorative Materials: An In Vitro Study. Dr. Rashmi B Completed
Comparison of Post-Operative Pain Incidence Following Single Visit Endodontics Using Two Different Nickel-Titanium Rotary Instrument Systems: A Randomized Clinical Trial Dr. Ritesh Pawar Completed
Determination of pH of calcium hydroxide containing liners : An in vitro study Dr. Ritesh Pawar Completed
Comparison of the Effects of Three Different Nickel-Titanium Rotary Instruments on the Fracture Resistance of Obturated Roots: An In-Vitro Study. Dr. Saima S Completed
Evaluation of pH &buffering capacities of commonly consumed beverages- An in vitro study. Dr. Saima Completed
To Evaluate the Apical Sealing Ability of Three Different Resin Based Sealers and Guttapercha Obturation by Dye Extraction Method - An in vitro Study Dr Abbas Unwala Completed
A Comparative Evaluation of the Influence of Three Different Vehicles on the Antibacterial Efficacy of Triple Antibiotic Paste Against Enterococcus faecalis - An in vitro Study Dr. Shouvik Manda Completed
To Evaluate the Effect of Calcium Hydroxide Based Intracanal Medicaments on the Apical Sealing Ability of Resin Based Sealer and Guttapercha Obturated Root Canals: An In Vitro Study Dr. Rithima Sokhi Completed
To Evaluate the Effect of an In-Office Desensitizing Paste On Shear Bond Strength of Composite Resin to Dentin Using Different Adhesive Systems: An In-Vitro Study Dr. Mohit Bodhwani Completed
Comparison of shear bond strength of resin-modified glass ionomer to conditioned and unconditioned mineral trioxide aggregate surface : An in vitro Study Dr. Shikha G Completed
Assessment of sealing ability of Resilon-Epiphany Obturation System after retreatment of root canal system by dye penetration - An In-vitro study Dr. Romil Khadse Completed
Anxiety levels of patient undergoing endodontic procedures Kunal Phodse Completed
Comparative evaluation of microhardness of three different composite resins polymerised with two different types of light curing units, an invitro study Dr.Aditya shinde On Going
Comparative evaluation of the anti-bacterial efficacy of Giloy , BioPure, MTAD, 5.25% Sodium hypochlorite and 2% Chlorhexidine against Enterococcus Faecalis- An in-vitro study Dr. Amrut Bambavle On Going
Comparative evaluation of the fracture resistance of three different bulk fill composite resins; an invitro study Dr.Jimish Shah On Going
Under-graduate dental student’s perception of online learning through online classes in comparison to conventionalteaching methods during Covid-19 pandemic-An onlinequestionnaire based survey Dr. Antara Ghosh On Going
Comparative Evaluation of the clinical performance of nano hybrid and nanofilled composite resins in posterior restorations-an in vivo study. Dr.Divya Naik On Going
Comparative evaluation of the clinical performance of Giomer and Nanohybrid composite resin in class V non-carious cervical lesions: a randomized split mouth study. Dr.Tanvi Satpute On Going
Comparative evaluation of salivary pH of Down’s syndrome patients with systemically healthy individuals in NaviMumbai,India Dr.Shouvik Mandal On Going
Evaluation of “pain out” gel in reduction of pain for patients with symptomatic irreversible pulpitis. Dr.Jayeeta Verma On Going
Assessment of the prevalence and characteristics of dens invaginatus in a sample of Indian population -A retrospective CBCT analysis. Dr.Anuradha Patil On Going
Comparison of pre operative oral Ibuprofen and Ketorolac on anaesthetic efficacy of Inferior Alveolar Nerve Block and Buccal Infiltration with Articaine in patients with irreversible pulpitis: a prospective, double-blind, randomized clinical trial Dr AnuradhaPatil On Going
Effect of two different concentrations of chlorhexidinedigluconate on the shear bond strength of resin composite to biodentine when bonded using self etch and etch-rinse bonding stratergies: an invitro study Dr.Pooja Barghare On Going
Effect between the top and bottom Vickers microhardness and depth of cure of bulk fill and conventional composite resin emerged in artificial saliva: an in vitro study Dr.Amisha Saoji On Going
Evaluation of the incidence of pain occurrence and healing outcomes following two different gutta-percha obturation techniques: an in vivo study Dr. Sumanthini MV On Going
The treatment outcomes of Endodontically treated teeth with open apex: A retrospective and prospective study. Dr. Sumanthini MV On Going
Assessment of healing outcome of intentional replantation as an alternative treatment modality in management of calcified necrotic teeth with periapical lesions: A prospective study. Dr. Sumanthini On Going
Management of labial vertical groove with a periodontic – endodontic approach – a case series Dr. Vanitha U. Shenoy, Dr. Sumanthini MV On Going
Evaluation of the frequency of occurrence of middle mesial canals in lower mandibular molars in the Indian population-A prospective clinical study Dr. Sumanthini MV On Going