Public Health Dentistry

  • The department plays a pivotal role in catering to oral health needs at the community level. It delivers oral health services to the needy and the deprived segment of the community through outreach programs and also provides transportation services for the patients to reach the college for accessing treatment.
  • Students are trained to enhance their clinical skills so as to provide quality dental care to the patients through Comprehensive Treatment Training Programme which includes clinical training like fillings, scaling of teeth, extraction & root canal treatment at the undergraduate level.
  • Department also has its own Digital Seminar Room for students to improve their knowledge and skills in an interactive manner. Departmental Library is equipped with a plethora of latest resourceful books and online access portal for various journals.
  • Department frequently conducts camps and oral health education programs in various rural as well as urban areas, schools, institutions, primary healthcare centers, community halls, through fully equipped mobile dental van with seating capacity.
  • Department operates 5 satellite centers rendering dental services in rural and urban areas. It is an attempt to provide dental care near their house to utilize the health services in its maximum range. Dental doctors skilled in clinical expertise along with interns are posted in all satellite centers to cater to the needs of the community.
  • Student training in the department takes departure from the traditional disease status evaluation towards development of crucial dental public health skills by giving more importance on prevention of disease and promotion of health.
  • The department actively conducts epidemiological research and publishes research studies in various national and international journals & the students are motivated to attain precision in conducting research and its application of the same.
  • We train students to diagnose, educate, create awareness to prevent the common oral health problems like dental caries, periodontal disease, oral cancer and malocclusion. Students also transform in to a promotive and minimal intervention dentist. A customised oral health education and dietary counselling, sealant and fluoride application, PRR and Minimal Intervention Dentistry are some of the domains under which they would be trained.
  • The team of doctors has successfully organised and conducted 1500+ outreach and awareness programs, with about more than 2.5 lakh beneficiaries in the last decade. A student will have a hands on experience to plan, co-ordinate and conduct oral health care programs in conjunction with government schemes like “UBA - Unnat Bharat Abhiyan”; targeting rural India. Apart from this a students would actively co-ordinate and participate in Dental outreach activities in collaboration with NGO’s like “Rotary”, “Lion’s Club”, Umang Ashram”, “SEAL Ashram” etc and deliver oral health care for targeted groups.
  • Structured tobacco cessation training is in practice since the year 2010 in the institution. A self-sustained team of doctors, students and support staff work selflessly to create a tobacco free society. A three chain referral system ensures patient flow and each patient gets a minimum of 3 follow ups or therapy until they quit the habit. Students get diligently trained in this system to perform his duties to create and build tobacco free society.
  • A mobile dental van is used to conduct free dental camps in and around Raigad district. Many camps have been held in collaboration with MNC's, NGO's, schools, the under privileged institutes, industries etc.
  • Various dental procedures can also be carried out in this well-equipped dental clinic on wheels. This van has also been also used for screening camps in & outside Raigad district so as population of remote rural areas which are deprived of dental treatment, can also avail free dental checkup & treatment at their doorstep. This facility has benefitted more than 1 lakh people during the last decade.
  • Five Satellite centres are setup in rural areas/villages as well as in urban population so as to cater population in and around that area. This facility has allowed us to serve more than 50,000 people across all 5 centres since last 5 years.
  • Students are also well trained to provide comprehensive oral health care to patients which are referred to the department from OPD of the college as well as from various outreach activities.
  • Health education and health promoting activities in the form of rallies, skits, roadshow, flashmob, health education models and presentations are conducted in the community so as to create awareness among the local public and help in prevention of oral diseases eventually reducing the burden of oral diseases on population.
  • Department also actively conducts workshops on Research Methodology and Biostatistics for students so as to train them for conducting research ethically & in a planned manner which can be published in reputed International & National Journals which will help them in building a research oriented mindset.

The Department of Public Health Dentistry intends to create, promote and establish positive perceptions about oral health in the community. The Undergraduate students are trained in the development of communication skills, conduct oral health education & comprehensive treatment planning to excel in community-based outreach programs. To achieve this, department has MOU with various companies and Institutes.

Sr No. Name of the Collaborating Institution
1 Primary Health Centre, Ajivali
2 Rural Hospital, Kashele
3 SEAL Ashram, Nere (NGO)
4 MGM Hospital for child and Women’s health, Kalamboli
5 Vasudev Balwant Phadke Smriti Mandir, Shirdhone
6 Indian Dental Association (IDA)
7 Rotary Club
8 Unnat Bharat Abhiyan (Govt Initiative)
9 Lions Club
10 Shri Bhagwati Sai Sansthan, Pnavel
Sr. No. Photo Name of the Teacher Designation
Dr. Vaibhav Thakkar
Dr. Vaibhav Pravin Thakkar Reader & HOD
Dr. Deeksha Shetty
Dr. Deeksha Shetty Reader
Dr. Ankit Shah
Dr. Ankit Shah Lecturer
Dr. Pankaj Londhe
Dr. Pankaj Londhe Tutor
Dr. Rafeeq Nalband
Dr. Rafeeq Nalband Tutor
Dr. Mausami Malgaonkar
Dr. Mausami Malgaonkar Tutor
Dr. Kashmira Kadam
Dr. Kashmira Kadam Tutor
Sr. No. Title/Text of Publications Faculty Name & Designation Status
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Effectiveness of Individual and Group Counseling for Cessation of Tobacco Habit Amongst Industrial Workers in Pimpri, Pune – An Interventional Study. Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention 2013; 14: 1133-39. Dr.Deeksha Shetty, Reader Complete
Dental Status Of Individuals Attending School For Special Children In Navi Mumbai. Dental Dialogue. Jan 2014; 39:3:51-53. Dr.Deeksha Shetty, Reader Complete
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Management of non-vital maxillary central incisors with open apex using mineral trioxide aggregateapical pliugs- A case report, Jcontempdent 2011; 1(2):30-4 Dr. Mausami Malgaonkar Complete
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Acceptance for COVID vaccine and its determinants among health professionals and general population- An analytical cross-sectional study Dr. Deeksha Shetty Ongoing
A comparative study to assess the acceptance and perception of COVID-19 vaccination among geriatric and under 18 years age population – A cross-sectional survey.” Dr. Deeksha Shetty Ongoing
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Assessment of the awareness of oral health services, provided by the means of ‘Platinum Oral Health Card’, among the senior citizens residing in Kamothe. Dr. Vaibhav Thakkar Ongoing
Assessment of Oral health status amongst the pregnant women in Panvel Taluka, Maharashtra, India. Dr. Vaibhav Thakkar Ongoing
Assessment of Oral Health Status of Undergraduate Students of a private university in Navi Mumbai Dr. Vaibhav Thakkar Ongoing

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