Oral Medicine & Radiology

  • Spread across 3000 sq. ft. area with a separate Oral medicine and Radiology Section.
  • 5000 new patients and about 2000 radiographs taken in a month.
  • Specializes in providing evidence based practice in diagnosis and management of oral mucosal disorders, precancerous lesions, Orofacial pain, TMJ disorders.
  • Provides radiological services ranging from conventional intra-oral and panoramic radiography to skull and TMJ imaging using conventional film, as well as Radiovisiography (RVG), PSP system (intraoral digital radiography) and Extra-oral digital imaging system.
  • State of Art CBCT facility for maxillofacial imaging.
  • Diagnosis and medical management of Oral mucosal diseases like leukoplakia, Lichen planus, OSMF, Ulcers, Tobacco related lesions, Oro facial pain and neuralgias and Temporo mandibular disorders.
  • Provision of Radiological investigations and reporting for endodontic procedures, Implant planning and prosthesis, Orthodontic treatment planning, oro-facial trauma, periodontal evaluation by experienced faculty.
  • Dedicated Tobacco Cessation Centre which screens and counsels about 150 patients monthly with tobacco related habit and their active follow up showing high success rate of tobacco quitting.
  • Collabaoration with LifeFirst project of Narotam Sekhsaria Foundation for training of interns and faculty for tobacco cessation counseling and to Conduct clinical based individual tobacco cessation sessions that include pharmacological and non-pharmacological approaches and follow-up session for tobacco users.
Sr. No. Photo Name of the Teacher Designation Email Id
Dr. Rohit Gadda
Dr. Rohit Gadda Reader & HOD RohitGadda@mgmdchnavimumbai.edu.in
Dr. Neha Patil
Dr. Neha Patil Lecturer Neha Patil@mgmdchnavimumbai.edu.in
Dr. Priyanka Tidke
Dr. Priyanka Tidke Lecturer Priyanka Tidke@mgmdchnavimumbai.edu.in
Dr. Isha Mishra
Dr Isha Mishra Lecturer IshaMishra@mgmdchnavimumbai.edu.in
Dr. Manjari Chaudhary
Dr. Manjari Chaudhary Lecturer ManjariChaudhary@mgmdchnavimumbai.edu.in
Dr. Munitha Naik
Dr. Munitha Naik Tutor Munitha Naik@mgmdchnavimumbai.edu.in

Oct 2021

Yoga- the Journey from the Self to the Self

24th&26th March 2021

LifeFirst Tobacco Cessation training programme Conducted

15th&17th March 2019

Faculty Award: First place in scientific paper presentation at 17th national triple O symposium

06th March 2019

Oral Cancer Awareness of Employees of Government Firm by Dr Pradya Jadhav, HOD

06th-8th Aug 2018

Department faculty as resource person for Research and Methodology Workshop for Undergraduate students

06th Sept 2017

Lifefirst Training On Tobacco Cessation

13th Aug 2013

Recent Advances in Prevention & Screening for Early Detection of Oral Cancers by Dr Pankaj Chaturvedi

16th Aug 2012

Use and Application of CBCT in Dentistry by Dr. Freny R. Karjodkar, Dr Subodh Sontakke, Dr. Neha Patil Gupta, Dr. Anuradha Maideo Mulye

28th Jan 2011

Early Detection of Oral Cancer & its Management Dr Freny Karjodkar