Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics

  • The department functions on 6th floor of this college spread over an area of 11,700 sq.ft
  • Well known for its esthetics & elegance with well distinguished undergraduate and post-graduate sections thereby providing ample working space & convenience.
  • Highly experienced teaching faculty members who provide dynamic teaching, practical experience & impel students to undertake research.
  • Post graduate students are well trained under the supervision of teaching staff who are well qualified to teach the following techniques – Removable appliance treatment, functional appliance treatment, fixed appliance treatment, lingual appliance treatment, treatment with temporary anchorage devices.
  • Clinical demonstration are given by the staff to the students & timely case discussions are carried out.
  • More than 100 cases of fixed appliance per post graduate.
  • 20-25 cases of functional appliance per post graduate.
  • 15-20 interdisciplinary cases per year.
  • 10-15 cases of orthognathic surgery per year.
  • 60-65 cases of temporary anchorage devices per year.
  • The department was upgraded recently and now includes features like 18 fully automated chairs with built-in attachments, in addition to various new pieces of equipment like sandblaster, front load autoclave.etc.
  • Adolescent patients with skeletal class II & class III are treated with functional jaw orthopaedics thereby improving the facial profile and correcting the underlying skeletal deformity.
  • Preventive & interceptive orthodontic procedures are carried out in mixed dentition to guide the erupting permanent teeth in ideal positions obtaining a more stable early results with less retention problems.
  • Management of severe dentofacial deformities that cannot be treated by growth modification or orthodontic camouflage are treated with combined orthodontic – surgical approach in adult patients wherein pre-surgical records are taken, prediction tracing is carried out to evaluate the change in the profile after surgery, splint is fabrication and post-surgical orthodontic settling is carried out.
  • Orthodontic management of syndromic patients like cleft lip and palate & obstructive sleep apnea is a carried out.
  • Managing comprehensive malocclusions with Temporary anchorage devices(TADs).
  • Over the years, the post graduate students and faculty in collaboration with the Praj metallurgical laboratory from pune and Labzone laboratory from Mumbai have performed research in the field of orthodontic materials and carried out various in-vitro studies presenting strong evidence by publishing papers in national and international journals.
  • Post graduate students have also performed various finite element analysis in collaboration with FEA solutions from thane. This has a been a significant research tool for biomechanical analysis in biological research.
Sr. No. Photo Name of the Teacher Designation Email Id
Dr. Ravindranath V. K.
Dr. Ravindranath V. K. Professor & HOD RavindranaV. K.@mgmdchnavimumbai.edu.in
Dr. Anjali Gheware
Dr. Anjali Gheware Professor Anjali Gheware@mgmdchnavimumbai.edu.in
Dr. Amol Mhatre
Dr. Amol Mhatre Reader Amol Mhatre@mgmdchnavimumbai.edu.in
Dr. Aarti Madhaswar
Dr. Aarti Madhaswar Lecturer Aarti Madhaswar@mgmdchnavimumbai.edu.in
Dr. Neeraj Kolge
Dr. Neeraj Kolge Lecturer Neeraj Kolge@mgmdchnavimumbai.edu.in
Dr. Saurabh Waghchaure
Dr. Saurabh Waghchaure Lecturer Saurabh Waghchaure@mgmdchnavimumbai.edu.in
03rd&04th Jan 2018

Lingual Teaching Programme by Dr. Aravind M.

04th Jan 2017

Dentistry through the Lens perspective (Module 2) by Dr. Arun Nayak

24th July 2015

Dentistry through the Lens perspective (Module 1) by Dr. Arun Nayak

13th&14th July 2013

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