Pediatric & Preventive Dentistry

  • Most advanced painless child friendly dental set up sprawling 3000 sq ft area.
  • 20 exclusive pediatric dental chairs to cater the needs of pediatric dental patients.
  • Fully equipped Sedation clinic (Inhalational- Laughing gas, Oral, nasal)
  • Dedicated 4 customized pediatric dental chairs with 4 sedation units.
  • Additional customized dental chair for children with special health care needs
  • Dedicated recreational play area for children
  • State of art operation theatre for dental rehabilitation under general anesthesia (for special children dental treatment, highly uncooperative young patients)
  • Exclusive treatment of nasoalveolar moulding in cleft lip palate management.
  • Conducted more than 150 dental screening and treatment camps for students of special care schools, orphanages and primary government schools.
  • Conducted various CDEs, workshops in enhancing the knowledge of our students in specialized field of Pediatric Dentistry.
  • Fully functional dental anesthesia centre (General Anesthesia), more than 100 cases treated satisfactorily.
  • Sedation centre of excellence. Treated more than 700 cases under Oral, nasal, inhalational sedation.
  • Special care centre for management of children with Mental and physical disabilities.
  • Management of more than 500 cleft lip palate cases for presurgical nasoalveolar moulding.
  • State of art fully functional pediatric dental clinic in MGM School exclusively for the students of the school inspired on New Zealand Dental nurse program which renders the preventive dental procedures.
  • Highly sophisticated pressure moulding equipment for fabrication of Various removable appliances for prevention and interception of malocclusion.
  • Exclusive Myofunction therapy for habit corrections.
  • Collaborated with MGM School, Nerul to create state of art fully functional pediatric dental centre in the school premises for the dental treatment of the students to minimize the school absenteeism due to dental conditions. Centre has a dedicated faculty to carry out all the routine dental treatments.
    • Research activities at the centre on Pit & fissure sealants, preventive fluoride application, Molar incisor hypoplasia.
  • Department, under socioeconomical initiative has collaborated with various special schools (Hellen Keller school for blind and deaf, National institute for the mentally handicapped, Epilepsy association, Skill & ability school etc) and orphanages (Girij foundation) to provide free dental treatment to the children.
Sr. No. Photo Name of the Teacher Designation Email Id
Dr. Shrirang Sevekar
Dr. Shrirang Sevekar Professor & HOD Shrirang
Dr. Jha Mihir Kumar
Dr. Jha Mihir Kumar Lecturer Jha Mihir
Dr. Ashwini Avanti
Dr. Ashwini Avanti Lecturer Ashwini
Dr. Devansh Shah
Dr. Devanshi Shah Tutor Devanshi
Dr. Sujata Hirave
Dr. Sujata Hirave Tutor Sujata
Dr. Rupali Deshmukh
Dr. Rupali Deshmukh Tutor Rupali

Services render

  • Preventive treatment procedures include routine oral prophylaxis, fluoride application and pit and fissure sealants.
  • Pulpectomies, stainless steel and esthetic crowns, space maintainers
  • Management of traumatic injuries
  • Esthetic restorations
  • Habit correction
  • Preventive & Interceptive orthodontics.
  • Dental management for children with special health care needs ( Children with down’s syndrome, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, deaf and dumb )
  • Specialized dental sedation clinic
  • Full mouth rehabilitation of anxious children and special children under general anesthesia at dedicated operation theater in MGM hospital.